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How to Get Screen Time Under Control in Your Home

screen time Oct 04, 2019
I grew up in a home with one TV and no cable. I remember getting our first computer and playing DOS games like Commander Keen and Prince of Persia . It wasn’t until I was married that I sent my first text message. 
All that to say, the world that my kids are growing up sure is a much different one than I grew up in. Better or worse, I’m not sure ‍...but it’s definitely different. As a parent it can be hard to know how to approach things like screen time with our kids  . How much is too much? 
In this video I discuss the following:
  • What is the recommended amount of screen time?
  • The importance of making a plan regarding how much screen time your kids will have.
  • Giving yourself grace to deviate from the plan you set when life throws you a curve ball.
  • What happens when kids have screen time right before bed.
  • How to put safe guards in place to protect your kiddos from content that isn't safe.

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