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From sleep, to picky eating, to defiance, and beyond!

Parenting in Challenging Times

It’s been a week ‍. Between the stock market tanking and fears of COVID-19, it’s a bit nuts out there. It can be hard to know what exactly to tell your kids in times like these. Some people minimize it, assuring their kids that they are going to “be okay.” Others tell their kids detailed information. Which is better? Listen to this video blog for a few practical things you can start doing right away.
As a sneak peak, one of the ways you can minimize stress in your home is to work with your families to create a daily schedule . Find out more about this and other things you can do to get through, as we all adjust to our new normal. 
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Does Intuitive Eating Work With Kids?

The cultural norm when I was a child was processed food. At the time the craze was fat free food, but people did not seem to care if it was processed or not. Fast forward to today, some people have become so obsessed with clean eating that they have developed eating disorders. In response an approach called intuitive eating was born. This technique reteaches people about how to approach eating, and it has been largely successful with helping those with eating disorders.
But… Is it an approach you should use with your kids who don’t have an eating disorder? In this video I will briefly tell you what intuitive eating is and give you a behavior analyst’s take on intuitive eating for young kids. 
As a sneak peak into the video, I think there are several GREAT things about this approach that you should consider adopting with your kids. Some of the positive things about using this approach with your kids include the following:
  • It calls out...
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It's Okay NOT to Enjoy Every Moment

parenting self-care Oct 08, 2019
In our culture, there're just certain things that we say to each other, that are really commonplace but not really appropriate. For example, why is it okay for so many people comment on your size while you're pregnant?! Or when there is a large age gap between kids, you get all sorts of comments like "I guess that was an accident.” I could go on and on.
I’ve been thinking about this because the other day someone asked me, “Are you enjoying every single minute?" Mind you, my husband and I were leaving a restaurant with our two kiddos, and it had been a pretty typical evening out... complete with a meltdown or two. To that well-meaning lady, I said “Definitely not every movement!” Probably due to my blunt (but friendly) tone, she raised her eyebrows at me a bit before winking. 
In this video, I talk about the fact that it's okay not to enjoy every moment. As parents, some moments of are simply not enjoyable. I discuss the...
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behavior choices parenting May 03, 2019

In this video I talk about the importance of giving your children choices. I hope you find this information useful.

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